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A world-class chip company based in China

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A world-class chip company based in China

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ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (ASR, 688220.SH)was established in April 2015 and is headquartered at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai. It operates R&D and support centers in Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hefei, Dalian, Chengdu, Xi’an and other countries, including the US and Italy.

ASR Speed

  • 300+

    Grand total
    Chip shipments (million grain)

  • 30+

    Grand total
    Mass production of new chips (grain)

  • 206% +

    2018-2020 year
    Revenue compound annual growth rate

  • 53%

    2018-2020 year
    R&D headcount growth rate

Development History

    • ASR1606N has already gotten certifications of T-Mobile and AT&T

      Chip ASR1806 certified by AEC-Q100

      The Bluetooth positioning product based on ASR5601 has been certified by Apple Find My and entered the Apple ecosystem.
      Smart home appliance products based on ASR582X, certified by Matter 1.2, further expand overseas ecological application scenarios

    • ASR publicly offered A shares initially and got listed on the STAR Market

      ASR595X series passed the first batch of Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi 6 Qualified Solution certification

    • The localization project of several core chips for IoT market won the third prize of Science and Technology Innovation Program granted by Shanghai Federation of Trade s

      ASR6601, a low-power WAN wireless communication SoC chip, won 2021 China IC Design Award

       ASR6601 chip won 2020-2021 Shanghai Design 100+

      ASR's application for the initial public offering on the STAR Market was approved by the Listing Committee, SSE

       ASR6601 won the title of "Chinachip" Excellent Technology Innovation Product

    • Completed D and D+ rounds of financing with US$164 million investment in total from several well-known institutions

      August 2020, officially renamed to “ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd.”

      Launched a new generation of LoRa SoC solution with higher integration and lower power consumption

      The first 5G chip taped out, Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) formally accepted ASR's IPO application for SSE STAR MARKET

    • Acquired Accoresys and obtained artificial intelligence related technologies

      The ASR 8751C mobile intelligent terminal chip passed the authentication and was included in China Mobile's chip platform

      Mass production of multi-mode IoT chips

      Mass production of Wi-Fi chips, completed C round financing with valuation of over $1 billion

      Mass production of RF baseband integrated cellular baseband LTE Cat1

      4G multi-mode data communication chip ASR1802S(L) won the title of "China chip" Excellent Technology Innovation Product

    • The LTE chip using self-developed baseband RF integration technology successfully taped out

      Completed B round financing with investment amount of more than $100 million

      The first low-power LoRa chip of ASR was launched

      Mass production of the second generation of highly integrated baseband communication chip ASR 1802S

    • Acquired Marvell's mobile communications division

      Completed A round financing with total investment amount of more than $ 100 million from Alibaba, SCGC, West Fountain and other investors

      Mass produced 4G chip incorporating Marvell's mature communication technologies taped out

    • Acquired Jiangsu SmartIC

      Successfully taped out the first version of smartphone chip

      Mass produced GPS chip taped out

    • Officially established

      Acquired Avenue Capital, Alphean

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