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Bluetooth Chip
Non-Cellular IoT Chips
ASR offers a variety of high-performance non-cellular IoT chips based on Wi-Fi, LoRa and Bluetooth technologies, as well as global positioning and navigation chips based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)/GPS/Glonass/Galileo technologies, which comprehensively cover all kinds of transmission distance application scenarios in the smart IoT market.

ASR560X High-integration BLE Chip

ASR560X is a highly integrated BLE 5.1 SoC single-chip that integrates a low-power, high-performance RF transceiver, ARM® CortexM0+ processor, DCDC power management module, analog audio input path, and a rich set of peripherals.

Technical Advantages

  • High integration
    Integrating RF transceiver, digital baseband, MCU system and complete power management module
  • Wide operating voltage
    Support 1.7~5.0 V/2.8~5.0 V/1.7~3.6 V
  • High performance and low power consumption
    RX power consumption 5.2mA@3V -98 dBm sensitivity
    TX power consumption 4.7mA@3V 0dBm output power
  • Rich interfaces
    UART/SPI/I2C/I2S/PWM/GPIO/AUX_ADC/Keypad/Quadrature Decoder/IR/Audio-IN,etc.
  • Version BLE
    Supporting 2M/1M/500K/125Kbps rate
    BLE 5.1 positioning function, BLE Mesh, etc.
  • Security
    Integrating hardware AES and other encryption algorithms, supporting true random number generation, OTA upgrade, Flash user code encryption and decryption protection, etc.

Application Scenarios

Apple Find My

Data Transmission

Wearable Device

AOA/AOD Positiong

Blutooth Mouse/Keyboard

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