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Semiconductor IP Licensing

Service Overview

Semiconductor IP licensing refers mainly to licensing proven and reusable modules with specific functions which are necessary for IC design to customers and provide corresponding supporting software. ASR currently provides separate licenses to image processing related IP, high-speed communication interface IP and RF related IP.

ASR focuses on R&D investment and has stockpiled a large number of Self-created IPs. So far it has been in cooperation with domestic first-tier cell phone manufacturers on IP licensing for ISP and high-speed communication interfaces. Through IP licensing business, ASR has realized the transformation of Self-created IP and established partnership with well-known cell phone manufacturers, which lays solid foundation for future cooperation in smartphone baseband chips.

IP Display

Image processing related IP

High-speed communication interface IP

RF related IP

Service Advantage

Complete self-developed IP
The company has independently developed and accumulated most of the analog IP and digital IP required for SoC chips including 2G to 5G multi-mode communication protocol stack IP, ISP, display, LPDDR2/3/4x, USB 2/3 Phy, PCIe Phy, etc. Can be used in various chip designs.

Customer Service

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