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Talent Concept

The development of the company has always adhered to the people-oriented management concept, pay attention to employee training and growth, and realize the simultaneous development of employee growth and the company's development planning goals; reform and improve the incentive mechanism,pt, and establish a more scientific employee input-output evaluation system , establish a talent ion and appointment system that is "up and down", open, fair, competitive, and merit-based, and creates an environment for outstanding talents to stand out

Culture at a glance

Salary and benefits

    Competitive salary system in the industry

    Basic salary + year-end bonus + special bonus

    Guarantee life, let employees have no worries

    Five insurances and one housing fund + annual physical examination +commercial insurance

    Improve the quality of life and make employees feel happy

    meal supplement+ coffee bar

    Break through the boundaries of life and let employees achieve themselves

    Various training opportunities+Team-building activities


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