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Non-Cellular IoT Chips
ASR offers a variety of high-performance non-cellular IoT chips based on Wi-Fi, LoRa and Bluetooth technologies, as well as global positioning and navigation chips based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)/GPS/Glonass/Galileo technologies, which comprehensively cover all kinds of transmission distance application scenarios in the smart IoT market.

LPWAN Wireless Communication SoC

ASR6601 is a low-power WAN wireless communication SoC supporting LoRa. It integrates a general-purpose microcontroller and RF unit on a single chip, including an RF transceiver, a modem and a 48 MHz basic frequency and 32-bit MCU with Arm China STAR-MC1 Processor architecture. Multiple memory options include up to 256KB Flash and 64KB SRAM. The embedded LCD driver is built in, and AES, DES, RSA, ECC, SHA, SM2/3/4 hardware encryption is supported. The minimum size of QFN48 is only 6mm x 6mm. With the SoC design, ASR6601 is currently the best LPWAN chip supporting LoRa in the market featuring low power consumption, high performance, and low cost. It can be widely used in smart city, smart home, smart metering, wisdom fire, smart agriculture, wearable devices, etc.

Technical Advantages

  • High Performance
    CPU:48MHz basic frequency Arm China STAR-MC1 Processor core
    , can be used as master MCU
    Flash: up to 256KB
    SRAM: up to 64KB
  • Worldwide application
    Frequency band: 150MHz-960MHz full band without interruption
    Mode: multi-mode LoRa / FSK / MSK / BPSK
    Protocol: LoRaWAN /LinkWAN/proprietary protocol
  • Wide coverage
    Transmit power: up to 22dBm
    Sensitivity: down to -148dBm
    Link budget: up to 170dB
  • Low power consumption
    TX power consumption: Radio 108mA, MCU run 3.7mA at 22dBm
    RX power consumption: Radio 4.6mA, MCU run 3.7mA at 125KHz
    DeepSleep power consumption:
    1.6uA (with retention and RTC) for QFN68,1.3uA (with retention and RTC) for QFN48
  • Multi-functional expansion
    QSPI: Higher speed, supporting
    QSPI flash
    I2C: supporting audio applications
    OPA: Built-in 3-way OPA, supporting smoke detection, infrared detection
    LCD: built-in maximum
    8COM*20SEG, supporting 160 section code display
  • High security
    LD/TD/VD/FD: supporting multiple security detection to enhance security level
    AES: hardware AES, running time shortened
    SM2/3/4: Built-in hardware algorithm engine

Application Scenarios

Smart City

Smart Metering

Smart Agriculture

Smart Home

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