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Cat.4 Mobile Intelligent Terminal Chip
Cellular Baseband Chips
ASR has completed the layout of multi-mode full-standard cellular baseband products which includes Cat.1/Cat.4/Cat.6/5G. Strong competitiveness of ASR cellular chips can meet various communication terminal needs such as IoT, smart phone, smart module. LTE 4G cellular chips have kept on being sold and shipped all around the world.

ASR1806 is an advanced Cat.4 chip with high-integration for data communication. The chip combines the performance of ASR wireless AP with mature-and-proven LTE/3G/2G technology, providing an intelligent Mobile broadband connection platform based on Linux for numerous modules and terminals such as high-performance & low-power tablet devices, POS, automobiles, mobile hotspot devices, and laptops.

Technical Advantages

  • Having rich peripheral interfaces
    The support of interfaces such as Ethernet, PCle, and USB2.0 will make the coverage of the product more complete.
  • Supports more multimedia functions, including camera, video processing, and voice processing functions
  • AEC-Q100 certified
    Support e-call功能 Support Trust Zone
  • Support for SELinux system

Application Scenarios

Telematics Applications


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