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ASR helped the successful release of theWhite Paper on China Mobile Medium and Low-speed IoT Business


Recently, the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference was held in Guangzhou. With the theme of "5G integrating into all industries, digital intelligence leading the future", the conference got response and support from hundreds of domestic and international partners and presented a wonderful visual feast for the public.

The White Paper on China Mobile Medium and Low Speed IoT Service was officially released

At the "5G+IoT Enjoy the Future - China Mobile IoT Alliance Industry Ecology Summit", China Mobile, together with 13 partners including Huawei, ASR, MediaTek, Unisoc, Etungtech, Mamotor, Chint, and Four-faith Communications, jointly released the White Paper on China Mobile Low and Medium Speed IoT Business.

The white paper is based on deepening the industry's understanding of low and medium speed IoT business and promoting the application of low and medium speed IoT in vertical industries, combing the main characteristics of low and medium speed IoT, typical business features and application scenarios, enterprise application cases, etc., and discussing the direction of deepening cooperation in the industry chain from three aspects: strengthening business research, making up for industrial shortcomings and expanding business models, providing reference and reference for all walks of life to gain a deeper understanding of low and medium speed IoT business. IoT business to provide reference and reference. China Mobile hopes to take the release of the white paper as an opportunity to join hands with industry chain partners to accelerate the implementation of low and medium-speed IoT business applications, promote mutual benefits and win-win situations, and realize value creation in the ecosystem.

As a pioneer of Cat 1 chips in China and a practitioner of LTE Cat 1 technology, ASR's Cat 1 platform and network have been highly recognized by the market for their compatibility, stability, and maturity. In the future, ASR will continue to work diligently to create a prosperous Cat 1 ecosystem with operators, module manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, and other players in the industry chain.


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