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Chip Customization

Service Overview

Chip customization refers to customizing chips specifically for customers according to their demands. With the rapid change of market demand, general-purpose chips cannot meet the strong demand of traditional system manufacturers for joint optimization of hardware and software. Therefore, using customized chips to further optimize system performance has gradually become the mainstream choice in the market.

According to customers' needs, ASR is able to provide a part or all of the services in various stages ranging from chip architecture definition, chip design, packaging and testing, mass production to development of supporting software. ASR helps its customers to develop higher performance products for their high-end series and meet their localization needs for supply chain security.

Customer Groups

companies focusing on artificial intelligence algorithm


Big data

Industrial Control

Service Advantage

The R&D teams are quite experienced in chip design and have years of technical accumulation.
ASR has been growing up with ever increasing chip design capabilities and IP reserves.
With advanced process, ASR has improved its competitive edge in very large scale and high-speed SoC. The large scale AI chips tailored for its customers have been put into mass production.

Customer Service

AI system vendor S
short clip Internet vendor K
enterprise-level storage customer D
US AI chip vendor M

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