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About ASR


About ASR


High-tech Enterprise

2019 Shanghai Little Giant Science and Technology Company

Shanghai "Specialized and Novel" Small and Medium Enterprise

Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center

Technology Trade Demonstration Enterprise of Pudong New Area, Shanghai

"Shanghai Innovative Enterprise Headquarters"

High Growth Headquarters in Pudong New Area

Excellent Enterprise R&D Institution of Pudong New Area

Top 10 Classic Samples of Pudong Headquarters Economy

2018 Top 20 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Companies in Pudong New Area

2019 ASR1802S(L) chip won the title of "Chinachip" Excellent Technology Innovation Product

2019 LoRa+WiFi Single Channel Gateway and LoRa D2D Protocol wonOFweek China IOT Awards 2019 - Innovative Technology Product Award

2021 ASR6601 chip won the 2020-2021 Shanghai Design 100+

2021 ASR6601 chip won the China IC Design Award

2021 Won the Third Prize of Science and Technology Innovation Program granted by Shanghai Federation of Trade s

2021 ASR won the Industry New Core Award

36 Krypton - 2020 Top 100 List of Startups Most Concerned by Investors

2020 Hurun China Unicorn List

2020 EqualOcean Intelligence-2020 Vitality List of 50 Science and Technology Potential Emerging Companies

Top 100 Hard Technology Companies in the Investment Community

2021 Silicon 100 Electronics and Semiconductor Startups List

2021 China IC Design Top 100


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