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Non-Cellular IoT Chips
ASR offers a variety of high-performance non-cellular IoT chips based on Wi-Fi, LoRa and Bluetooth technologies, as well as global positioning and navigation chips based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)/GPS/Glonass/Galileo technologies, which comprehensively cover all kinds of transmission distance application scenarios in the smart IoT market.

WiFi+BLE Combo SoC

ASR5825S/ T is a highly integrated, high-performance, and low-cost transceiver chip which supports both 1x1 IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy (BLE). The ASR5825S integrates RF transceiver, 802.11 PHY+MAC, BLE PHY+MAC, SDIO 2.0 interface, other advanced peripheral interfaces, Real Time Counter (RTC), and power management circuits. The integrated RF and analog circuit incorporate T/R switch, RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, and entire power management modules. Therefore, the ASR5825S provides a small form-factor solution with minimal external components as an SDIO slave for data transmission or high-speed applications, such as access points, digital TV set, set-top-box, tablet PC (PAD), IP camera, Wi-Fi module, conventional TV set, customer premise equipment, and more.

Technical Advantages

  • Supporting Wi-Fi/BLE dual mode coexistence
    Network configuration via BLE and BLE Mesh to make multiple development capabilities available for customers
    Offering more convenient and faster BLE networking, currently in 6 seconds
  • Multiple peripheral interfaces
    Generic ADCx8Channels,Watchdog
  • BLE
    Supporting rates: 125K/500K/1M/2M bps, BLE 5.1 positioning function and BLE Mesh, etc.
    BQB BLE5.2 certified
    Supportting the controller part of BLE Mesh and can co-operate with the Host to support Full Mesh Functions.
  • Highly fully integrated design
    Fully integrated RF transceiver
    Power management circuitry: including DCDC+LDO
    Latest Arm China STAR-MC1 Processor, 160MHz
    Wi-Fi+BLE baseband with integrated
  • Diverse operating modes
    Serving as a master control unit or a Wi-Fi pass-through unit
    Supporting modes: Station/SoftAP/Sniffer Supporting various Wi-Fi low power operation modes
    Supporting BLE Mesh & fast networking
    Supporting private Mesh
  • High Security
    Supports a full set of multi-layered security solutions:
    integrated 集成AES/RSA/SHA/ECC/HMAC engine, otally ordered set sequencers
    and true random number generator
  • Unique Module
    Directly powered by 3.3V~5V
    9 passive components can be used at least
    Supporting 2-layer and 4-layer board design

Application Scenarios

Smart White Goods

Smart Home

AOA/AOD positioning

Industrial wireless controlindust

Sensor network

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