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Cat.4 Mobile Intelligent Terminal Chip
Cellular Baseband Chips
ASR has completed the layout of multi-mode full-standard cellular baseband products which includes Cat.1/Cat.4/Cat.6/5G. Strong competitiveness of ASR cellular chips can meet various communication terminal needs such as IoT, smart phone, smart module. LTE 4G cellular chips have kept on being sold and shipped all around the world.

4G Mobile Intelligent Terminal Chip

ASR1802 is a Cat.4 chip integrated 32MB/64MB LPDDR with high-integration. The chip supports RTOS/Linux and occupies less memory. With built-in memory, only 6-layer 1-order PCB is required, which can lower PCB cost by about 20%. The MiFi terminals with ASR1802S(L) has been sold to global various carriers and has obtained their certification, with shipment of over 100 million units totally.

Technical Advantages

  • 4G all-mode access
    Supporting global 4G carrier networks
  • New dynamic voltage regulation tech effectively reduce working voltage
  • Operating System
    RTOS & Linux
  • Low Cost
    UMC 28HPC+ process, supporting 6-layer 1-order PCB
  • Support QSPI NOR/NAND Flash Boot
  • LPDDR Integrated
    Achieving LTE transmission though 16bit low-band DDR

Application Scenarios

Internet of Vehicles




Industrial Robot


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