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Non-Cellular IoT Chips
ASR offers a variety of high-performance non-cellular IoT chips based on Wi-Fi, LoRa and Bluetooth technologies, as well as global positioning and navigation chips based on BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)/GPS/Glonass/Galileo technologies, which comprehensively cover all kinds of transmission distance application scenarios in the smart IoT market.


Integrating LoRa RF chip and RF front-end, ASR6500S series LoRa SiP module supports LoRa and FSK modulation. The LoRa RF modulation technology, based on low rate, ultra-long range and ultra-low power consumption, is especially suitable for LPWAN application scenarios. iWith a maximum transmit power of 22 dBm, a minimum receive current of 4.2 mA, and a maximum receive sensitivity of -148 dBm, ASR6500S is immune to interference from other types of wireless signals.

Technical Advantages

  • Ultra-low active current
    Continuous receiving current <10mA,
    transmit mode current <120mA
  • High transmitting power
    +22 dBm, 31 dB continuously adjustable output power
  • Highly integrated
    Built-in SX1262/LLCC68, integrated TCXO/XO,
    matching circuit employing MuRata devices
  • High Sensitivity
    -148 dBm at BW=10.4 kHz,SF12
    129 dBm at BW=125 kHz,SF9
  • Global Frequency Band
    470/510/868/928 MHz, Pin to Pin for each band version
  • Ultra-small size
    8*8*1.3mm, LGA package

Application Scenarios

Smart Logistics

Smart Building

Smart Agriculture

Smart City

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